We offer the following suggestions to make your participation most enjoyable:

  • OWHMD Event Information: To find out the time of the next event, call our special OWHMD Hotline at 410-630-1555.
  • All of our events occur in the International terminal (Pier E) of the BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport.
  • We post all of the dates and times for our scheduled events on the EVENT SCHEDULE page of our website.
  • We also use our hotline (410-630-1555)
  • The times we show is the TIME FOR YOU TO ARRIVE at the airport–and NOT the time troops arrive.
  • Please note that the times we provide are when the volunteers should arrive at the airport and NOT actual flight arrival times.
  • We build in extra time to decorate the lobby and make goodie bags. Volunteers are encouraged to help with these preparations before the soldiers arrive through Customs. Please do not assemble goodie bags prior to coming to the airport. We assemble them as a team before the soldiers arrive.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: On the day you plan to attend, PLEASE call the hotline before you leave home or work to verify that the event is still on, and on-time.
  • Wear something patriotic and feel free to bring signs welcoming your loved one home and thanking them for their service.
  • The easiest way to get to the event is to ride the Light Rail. Make sure you get on the one that goes to BWI—it drops you off right at the International Terminal at the airport.
  • Listen carefully to the parking suggestions on the Hotline’s recorded message, or park anywhere in the Hourly Garage at the airport. Once inside the airport, turn left and walk towards the International Terminal; meet us on the lower lobby of that terminal.
    ** Due to safety issues, Airport Police ask that you DO NOT cross the road on Level 3, but instead use either skywalk on Level 6 or the upper level crossing on Level 5.
  • For OWHMD volunteers, bring your parking ticket in to the Airport with you.
  • Groups, organizations, or scout troops planning to attend one of the welcome home events at BWI are requested to contact the Team Leaders for that event in advance by email; go to the monthly schedule on our homepage, click on the date of the event, and you will see the Team Leader email contact info .
  • OWHMD Event Information: To find out the time of the next event, call our special OWHMD Hotline at (410) 630-1555
  • Most of the arriving troops are not local and will be waiting for a connecting flight and are hungry, thirsty, and tired. If you wish to bring something for the goodie bags, bring store-bought pre-packaged/single-serving snacks (cookies, crackers, granola bars, or other snacks (please avoid candy) and ½ liter bottled water for the goodie bags. DO NOT bring anything you made at home, fresh fruit, or other perishable food items.

We always need hand-made thank you cards

  • PLEASE consider bringing handmade “thank you” cards from your child’s school, church, or other community organization:
  • Please DO NOT date the cards or include full names or email addresses.
  • Also, please KEEP CARDS OUT OF THE ENVELOPES – do not insert them or seal the envelopes.
  • The cards can be made from half of an 8 ½ x 11 piece of paper/card stock/construction paper. The paper can be cut in half, then folded like a card. OR, any size, even if it does not fold.
  • In or on the card, a simple verse is good. Suggestions: Thank you for your service, Welcome Home, We appreciate your heroism, You Rock, Thank you for keeping us safe, Thank you for being there, Glad you are home, or God Bless America and You.
  • Embellishments of stars, hearts, flags, balloons, or any fun thing you want to put on the cards are great. Some folks use stickers, sponge stars, anything they have on hand.
  • PLEASE: Keep it positive and supportive–nothing negative.
  • Either bring the cards to one of our events, or mail them to this address –> OWHMD Card Donations, 6123 Oak Hill Dr., Sykesville, MD 21784

Other things you can do:

1.   Donate time to help the USO at BWI – USO Metro DC Website

2.   Donate airline miles to Hero Miles

3.   Donate time to help Maryland Chapter of Operation Homefront

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