Maryland Military Family Support

Hotels/Vacation Resort Support:

  • Operation Oasis Free: North East, MD, 1-800-234-2683
  • Ranger Rosary – local organization that makes rosaries for the troops
  • William III –  generously provides coffee for the troops
  • Hero Salute – Anheuser-Busch offers free tickets to all their parks for military personnel
  • Sign A Rama in Columbia, MD – Makes complimentary banners for a military family member returning from the war in Iraq or Afghanistan. Call Betty at (410) 381-4324
  • Faces of Valor USA, Annapolis, MD

Other Military Family Support

Other Welcome Home Efforts

Often, we have individuals that hear the applause, clapping, and “welcome home” shouts of joy as they visit the airport at Baltimore International. They come and see the commotion and often ask us if there is a group like OWH (MD) closer to where they live. Thus, we thought we would start collecting web sites to help those who are unable to come at our events due to distance.  If you are aware of an organization who greets our returning Hero’s. at an airport, please contact OWH (MD)  web master to be added to this list.

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