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  • Navy First Class Petty Officer, September 20, 2008, Navy – “I was told because I wasn’t coming back with a unit or to my home town that I wouldn’t receive a welcome home. Boy were they wrong. When I started to head out I heard wild cheering from around the corner. I thought it must be for a group or for some local lucky troops. No, it was for me! They were cheering for me. Perfect strangers welcoming me home to America. I was gone one long year and the 5 minutes of cheering, hand shakes, hugs and pats on the back made it all worthwhile. I am so happy. I thought my heart would break. You guys are great!”
  • Aerial Ameden wrote a very touching poem entitled “Freedom” – (see the poem below)
  • Thank you very much for the pictures!  And thank you for doing what you do. It means a lot to these guys that they have smiling faces welcoming them home.  My husband thought it was really cool what you guys did.  Keep up the great work and again Thank you!!! Melissa & Michael B.
  • This is a wonderful thing you have started!  I probably enjoy doing this more than anything I’ve ever done. Mary O. (Volunteer)
  • My husband came home from Iraq yesterday and was greeted at BWI by lots of grateful people. I wasn’t able to be there and had to meet him later at another location. He said it was very heartwarming to have that wonderful welcome. Thank you so much! It means a lot; especially when so many seem to be unsupportive of the efforts of our soldiers. He returns to Iraq next month and this visit is very precious to us. Thanks again!!!
  • Thank you so much for meeting us as we disembarked at Baltimore- it meant a lot and was also a pleasure to meet you.  CAPT Kathy M.
  • Thanks for the warm welcome back to the states. I appreciate you taking the time meet us coming off the plane and greeting with applause, a handshake, and the goodie bag, as well as the set up with the local hotels for us to use after the trip back. Again, thanks for the warm welcome back to the states for all of us! Aloha, Shawn.
  • As a Viet Nam vet who came home to less than a favorable reception, I wanted to thank your organization for making the returning vets feel appreciated.  The sacrifices made by these men and women on a daily basis can not be described with any accuracy so others would understand.  Once anyone has been in combat, that individual is changed forever.  You can suppress the memories, but you never forget. God Bless you and your volunteers. A Grateful Vet
  • I can not thank you enough for such a warm welcome for the team and I. It was just amazing on how your staff was able to put together such an amazing welcome for the men after returning from the war in Iraq. Words cannot express my joy and thankfulness for what you have done. Enjoy the holidays and know that each of your staff has a special place in the Marines hearts!! Semper Fideli, “Always Faithful” Bert S.”
  • It was great. Two soldiers who were returning from their 3rd deployment said this was the best homecoming of all. Brenda (A Volunteer) My son is currently deployed in Iraq.  Time spent with OWH is not only therapeutic, but it’s also an opportunity to feel like I’m, in some small way, able to show my appreciation to the sacrifices these men and women have made on behalf of our freedoms.  There’s a strong sense of satisfaction that I’m not only helping the returning troops but showing support to my son as well.  I’m blessed to be a part of this effort and count it a privilege to welcome America’s finest home. Cheryl (Mom of a soldier)
  • I just wanted to offer up my great appreciation for how ‘you all’ welcomed back my brother, who recently returned home from Iraq via the BWI airport.  It meant SO MUCH to him — and also to all of his family, whom he later told. Thanks for all you do to welcome back our troops/military!!!!!! Blessings, Judy
  • First, I’d like to say a huge ‘Thank You’ for your group’s effort to make out servicemen and women feel welcomed and appreciated. My nephew was killed in action in Iraq last October, and I have had the opportunity to talk with his colleagues and get the smallest glimpse of what they are enduring. Regardless of anyone’s politics, these brave men and women have volunteered to serve our country knowing full well what might be asked of them. They all deserve our thanks and a hero’s welcome. Bernadette (Aunt of a hero who made the ultimate sacrifice)

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